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Summer Program starts June 9, 2014.
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JR Camp is in Session! Weekly June 10 to August 31.

Welcome to DVTA! DVTA is a year-round tennis academy located west of Philadelphia on the Main Line. Our mission is to develop a strong technical base within our students early in their tennis careers. We are currently working with and have worked with many nationally, sectionally, and non-ranked juniors who aspire to play on a team or compete in tournaments. DVTA has three programs designed for all levels of play: Elite "AT" (Advanced Training) is for tournament players; "AT" is for students playing middle school and high school tennis; the Junior Development Program "JDP" focuses on a "10 and Under" program that incorporates low compression balls and smaller courts to develop strokes and to inspire the love of the game within beginner and low intermediate players through successful point playing and competition.

Our students decide what path they would like to follow after meeting the criteria to move forward into the more advanced program. As a child progresses he/she will decide if they want to play tennis competitively on a middle school or high school team or if they would like to pursue tournaments and higher-level competition.The Middle School, High School Team route is technically oriented with emphasis on fun point playing and doubles strategy. The road for a tournament player focuses on patterns, strategy, and conditioning. The Elite tournament program is accompanied by one-on-one practice; private lessons to advance technical skills; match play to develop strategy; speed and agility training coupled with strength training (TRX) to transform our students into well-rounded athletes; Sports Psyche to develop the mental game; and time with our Nutritionist to educate our players on how to fuel their bodies.

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Our goal is to provide our students with the best opportunity to realize their full potential on and off of the court. We wish to guide your children throughout their tennis careers and hopefully into college and beyond. We have produced many college athletes over the years. Most recently we have had a few of our students enroll in and play for Lafayette, Temple, Allegheny, and Ursinus College. Currently, we have use of 11-air-conditioned indoor courts and 12-outdoor hard courts, an indoor pool, a fitness center, a cushioned track, and other great facilities. We have had many years of success and look forward to future years influencing many of the younger generation to become passionate about tennis.

  • DVTA is the Katy at the Bat Hero for 2013. Mary Beth and Greg Ranieri accept the award on behalf of their special staff (Lacy Gwynn, Kris Shumway, Riley Baver and David Blumeris) who donated their time each Saturday to train the Katy kids!