We have made many changes due to COVID-19. Some information on our website may not be accurate. Please contact the front desk for more information.

                                610-527-2387 | desk@dvta.com

Our New Normal At DVTA:

More COVID-19 Information:

  • ALL doors and court curtains are open — no touching.
    1. one way entrance & exit.
    2. please use hand sanitizer when you enter and leave the club/courts.
  • Combination of Court A/C & Exhaust fans — keep air constantly moving.
    1. 20-45ft. above courts.
  • Tennis court are 6,500 sq. ft. — easy for social distancing.
    1. No more than 5 per court.
  • Sanitizer stations on every court.
  • Every Ball Cart is equipped with paper towels and Clorox Clean Up.
    1. Pros are required to clean around court, carts and ball tubes.
  • Lounge/Gallery Closed — no convening.
  • Face Masks must be worn inside club, can be taken off when on court
    • masks worn whenever you are off court.
  • Must bring your own water bottle – No use of water fountain.
  • Must bring your own can of balls for serving- for your use ONLY.
    • We have cans of balls for sale in the office.

5-Indoor Tennis Courts, 4-Pickleball & Badminton Courts, Fitness Room

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Fall/Winter Hours (starting September 8, 2020)

Monday thru Thursday

6:30am to closing (10:00 or 11:00pm) – Bryn Mawr Racquet


6:30am to closing (8:00 or 9:00pm) – Bryn Mawr Racquet


7:30am to closing – Bryn Mawr Racquet


7:30am to closing – Bryn Mawr Racquet


About Us

“Empowering Your Game!”

Delaware Valley Tennis Academy is a year-round training program located on the Main Line for over 30 years. Emphasizing modern techniques, dartfish video taping and individualized coaching, DVTA staff is dedicated to personal achievement through tennis. At the heart of DVTA is a team of knowledgeable coaches, many employed with DVTA for more than 15-years, who provide our students with the skills needed to succeed as competitive tennis players. By addressing both the mental and physical aspects of training, DVTA prepares each student to recognize the true champion inside.