AT Camp Schedule

Camp Extended Court North End July 6



8:30-9:00am    Check In/ Private Lessons with Video

9:00-12:30am Group Technical Direction each day with Video Review

12:30-2:00pm Lunch @ VU Cafeteria – with Supervision

2:00-4:00pm          Match Play/Point Play/Sports Psyche

Monday – Bring a Friend for Free Day

If your child wants to bring a friend, Monday is the day to do it. Please let us know by Saturday at 3:00 the week prior so we can organize. We would need the friend's name, Date of Birth, mother or father's name and a parent cell phone number and email. If the child joins for the week, you and the guest will be given a $50 credit.


During each day of camp, campers should report to the trailer, located above the courts.


Private lessons with Video emailed to camper are included with your camp tuition. You will receive a email informing you of the day and time of your private lesson the weekend prior to your scheduled camp arrival. If you would like to add an additional private lesson, you can schedule a private lesson through the DVTA office at a reduced rate of $90/hr; normally $124


With no more than a 4:1 student/pro ratio in Tournament Training and 5:1 for Intermediate to Varsity tennis, players are organized onto separate courts according to their ability and age. Once on the appropriate court, players run technique and speed training drills followed by an on-court video review of the morning session.


Singles, doubles and team based matches are arranged to simulate various competitive situations. During this time, players are made to focus on strategy and psychology. Coaches will focus on developing the strategic aspect of tennis by assisting players in, first, evaluating their opponents, and, second, mapping out a course of action based on their observations. Each week, Amy Haller, Sports Psychologist, will observe our students on-court and offer suggestions to better their mental conditioning.


This year, lunches will be provided by Villanova Food Services. A variety of options available in the nut free dining hall and gluten free options available. Those who have food allergies must inform the office; gluten free options are available. No sodas will be allowed.

Sports Psyche/Nutrition

Tennis panel is a time when players are reminded of the off-court demands of being a good tennis player. Discussions with Sports Psychologist Amy Haller, and nutrition information sessions help ensure that players are well prepared to contend with the challenges of being an above average tennis player, whether they are competing or not. As the weeks progress, discussion topics change as well ensuring that our long term summer participants receive a wealth of information to supplement on court performance.


Player of the Week Award- one camper demonstrating hard work, great listening skills and outstanding sportsmanship throughout the week will be presented with the "player of the week" award during closing remarks on Friday.


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