Court Prices

Open Court, Contract and Unlimited Cost

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 Member can sign up for Open Court Time 7-days in advance. Membership $125 Single and $200 Family

 Non-Members can sign up for Open Court Time 2-days in advance

 Unlimited Members can sign up for Open Court Time 2-days in advance. Unlimited Member must have a membership to qualify.

     Unlimited Single Monthly: $125/month; Unlimited Single 6-months: $600

     Unlimited Double Monthly: $200/month; Unlimited Double 6-months: $1050

     Unlimited Family Monthly: $275/month; Unlimited Family 6-months: $1325

     Unlimited  Hours: M-Fr: 6:30-9am; M-Th: 12-3pm, 8pm-closing; Friday 6:30pm-closing; Weekends: 7:30-9am, 6pm-closing

     Ball Machine rental costs: $15 per hour or we will have packages available


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