Court Contract

Contract Deposit Form 2020-2021

Please have the court captain complete this form in order to reserve a contract court for DVTA's 2020-2021 indoor season
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  • Policies and Procedures

  • 1) I am responsible for collecting and remitting membership information for my group or child. Deposit of $250.00 is due March 15 2) Anyone playing in my group more than 3-times must pay a membership 3) Management reserves the right to reassign courts when necessary 4) Proper tennis attire is required. NO running shoes or black soled shoes will be allowed while on the court 5) Children under 12, who are not playing tennis, must be supervised by an adult 6) We honor Debit Cards, VISA, Mastercard , cash, or personal checks for your convenience. Credit cards may now be used to purchase open court time or contract time 7) No beverages are permitted on the courts. NO smoking is permitted in the facility 8) Please have all participants sign this form and submit their addresses, emails and phone numbers 9) Deposits or contract court fees are refundable only when the court has been resold 10) Turn off all cell phones while on the court 11) Court etiquette and parking restrictions require that contract court times be adhered to as a matter of courtesy 12) Free parking is limited to a first come first serve basis. There are 2-municipal lots nearby to accommodate the overflow 13) BMDVT has the right to dissolve a contract or membership if player or players are disruptive or abusive to fellow club or staff members or all bills are not taken care of in an orderly fashion 14) In case of an emergency, you and your group members will be given basic medical attention and unless otherwise requested, 911 will be contacted 15) Involvement in all activities shall be undertaken by you and your group members at his/her own risk. BMDVT will not be responsible for any cash valuables or personal property brought to the club 16) When courts are contracted for lessons, the teaching pro cannot be changed unless another suitable time is available 17) Each group member will be billed separately for the $80 adult membership or $60 Junior Membership.
  • Contract Deposit Payment

  • Price: $250.00