DVTA Jr. Tennis Camp Activities

DVTA Tennis Camp Activities



8:00-9:00am           Extended Day

8:30-9:00am           Private Lessons

8:45-9:00am           Check In

9:00-11:30am         Skill Work (Drills and Practice Games)

11:30-12:30pm       Lunch

12:30-2:00pm         Swimming /Art n Crafts /Match Play Rotation

2:00-3:00pm           Tennis On Court Games

3:00-5:00pm           Extended Day


Monday – Bring a Friend for Free Day

If your child wants to bring a friend, Monday is the day to do it. Please let us know by Friday 12:00 noon the week prior so we can organize. We would need the friend's name, Date of Birth, mother or father's name and a parent cell phone number. If the child joins for the week, you and the guest will be given a $50 credit.


We offer extended day for families who need an earlier drop off time, and/or a later pick up time to accommodate busy summer schedules. Extended day begins every morning at 7:30am and ends every evening at 5pm. Activities include snack time, movies, games, and art n crafts in the Bryn Mawr Racquet Club lounge. If you would like extended day to be a part of your campers day, please select the extended day option on the camp registration page.



Private lessons are included with your camp tuition. They normally take place from 8:30-9am before the camp day begins, so you should be prepared to arrive early on the day of your private lesson. You will receive a email informing you of the day and time of your private lesson the weekend prior to your scheduled camp arrival. If your child would like an additional private lesson, you can schedule a private lesson through the DVTA office at a reduced rate of $80/hr.



During the first day of camp, families should report to the front desk to verify that all necessary health and permission forms have been submitted for camp, and that lunch orders have been properly placed.

Following the first day of camp, campers should still check in at the front desk everyday.



With no more than a 5:1 student/pro ratio, campers are organized onto separate courts according to their own age and ability. Once on the appropriate court, campers are given instruction on tennis fundamentals, and run drills to practice these techniques with the help of DVTA tennis professionals. Clinics are always kept up-beat ensuring that campers are learning, while still having fun. 



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt this age, matchplay is a stepping stone, preparing students to transition from practicing tennis in a group setting, to playing tennis in more competitive arenas such as tournaments or team matches. In this stress free zone, campers apply techniques taught during group instruction on 36ft, 60ft, and 78ft courts using low compression balls as needed. As they become more comfortable executing proper technique, we begin to add in other components of playing in competitive matches, such as keeping score and calling balls out of bounds. At the end of the day, video analysis of matches are used to bring to light to good technique and sportsmanship during matches. 


This year, lunches will be provided by Pizzis. This is how it works…before camp, you will be able to make lunch selections for your camper for everyday of the week except for Friday which is pizza day. When you check in each day, we will make sure that your campers lunch order has been properly placed and is scheduled for delivery. Lunches are delivered to us daily around 11:00-11:15am. If at any point in time you wish to change your campers lunch order, you may do so by letting us know before 9:00am.



Campers have the option of swimming every Tuesday and Thursday at Villanova University's Swim Complex, located in the Pavilion on the outskirts of Villanova's campus. The pool is a five minute drive from our facility here in Bryn Mawr. All campers are transported by certified drivers in company owned vehicles equipped with child safety booster seats. Along with DVTA counselors, lifeguard supervision is provided during each visit to the pool by Villanova University's Athletics Department.



Projects we will do during arts and crafts period on Mondays and Wednesdays

sports camp arts


Origami          Painting       Jewelry Making       Knitting

Storytelling    Gardening      Photography          Pottery  

Crochet            Coloring      Rainbow Loom      Collages                         




Player of the Week Award- one camper demonstrating outstanding sportsmanship throughout the week will be presented with the player of the week award during a closing ceremony on Festive Friday. Parents are welcome to join us during this proud moment to help us uplift our young participants for their hard work and good behavior throughout the week. This event will occur every Friday from 2:45-3:00pm in the Bryn Mawr Racquet Club Lounge

Festive Friday- a magical game day that your young camper will not want to miss. Every Friday we transform our courts into a indoor carnival complete with a balloon bounce, a water dunking pit, and a tons of carnival games where campers win tickets at each game station. These tickets are counted and exchanged for prizes at the end of the day. In addition to the carnival, festive Fridays mixes things up with pizza for lunch, relay races, team competitions, water gun fights, a candy run and lots more.


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