DVTA Jr. Tennis Camp Activities

DVTA Tennis Camp Activities

Camp Extended Court North End July 6GENERAL SCHEDULE

8:00-9:00am           Extended Day $100/week per family

8:45-9:00am           Check In

9:00-11:30am         Skill Work (Fun Drills and Practice Games with Low Compression Balls)

Water breaks in the shade every 15-minutes

11:30-12:30pm       Lunch at Villanova Caferteria

12:45-3:00pm         Tenis Game Play, Swimming, Soccer, Kickball, Dodge Ball, etc.

                                  Swimming at Eastern University

3:00-6:00pm           Extended Day


Monday – Bring a Friend for Free Day

If your child wants to bring a friend, Monday is the day to do it. Please let us know by Friday 12:00 noon the week prior so we can organize. We would need the friend’s name, Date of Birth, mother or father’s name and a parent cell phone number. If the child joins for the week, you and the guest will be given a $50 credit.


We offer extended day for families who need an earlier drop off time, and/or a later pick up time to accommodate busy summer schedules. Extended day begins every morning at 8:00am and ends every evening at 6pm. If you would like extended day to be a part of your campers day, please email the desk: desk@dvta.com. Cost is $100 per week per family.



Private lessons are included when attending Full Days for a week. The lesson is takes place from 11-11:30am and a video will be made, critiqued and emailed to the parents. If your child would like an additional private lesson, you can schedule a private lesson through the DVTA office at a reduced rate of $90/hr or $45 per 1/2 Hour



During the eachday of camp, campers should report to the trailer



With no more than a 5:1 student/pro ratio, campers are organized onto separate courts according to their own age and ability. Once on the appropriate court, campers are given instruction on tennis fundamentals, and run drills to practice these techniques with the help of DVTA tennis professionals. We use low compression tennis balls, each age group has their own color, size and weight to help our students achieve success. Clinics are always kept up-beat ensuring that campers are learning atletic skills and technique, while still having fun. 



At this age, mOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAatchplay is a stepping stone, preparing students to transition from practicing tennis in a group setting, to playing tennis in more competitive arenas such as tournaments or team matches. In this stress free zone, campers apply techniques taught during group instruction on 36ft, 60ft, and 78ft courts using low compression balls as needed. As they become more comfortable executing proper technique, we begin to add in other components of playing in competitive matches, such as keeping score and calling balls out of bounds. At the end of the day, video analysis of matches are used to bring to light to good technique and sportsmanship during matches. 

Cafeteria tables and chairs 2017LUNCH

This year, lunches will be provided by Villanova University in 2nd Storey, minutes from the courts. Each camper can order a la carte, with the help of our counselors.




Eastern Pool SWIMMING

Campers have the option of swimming outdoor every Tuesday and Thursday at Eastern University’s pool. Along with DVTA counselors, lifeguard supervision is provided during each visit to the pool by Eastern University. A swim test is required every Tuesday to ensure safety.



Camp 2017 Water Guns Penney  Additional Sports

Though we are mainly tennis, DVTA feels a better athlete is one who experiences many sports to enhance one’s athleticism.





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