High Performance Tennis

HP Henry Serve 7.20High Performance Clinics

7 week Sessions

5:1 Student to Pro Ratio

(4) Make-up Classes per Season*

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More Information:

  • Video review every session
  • Off-court Fitness
  • 6 Tournaments required per year; some will sign up for more as we would hope and encourage.

Students will participate in hi-speed drills designed to challenge their movement, balance, and recovery skills.  Greater racquet speed for increased power and spin is encouraged. Live ball drills mimic patterns used in tournament play. Coaches will promote a positive, fighting spirit on court necessary for success in tournament play.


If you want to sign up online, a parent must set up a profile, or have DVTA do so for oneself and/or for the child involved. Please inform the office at desk@dvta.com of the level of your child/children so we can properly place them. Sign up online: https://dvta.clubautomation.com/