Middle School Clinics (ages 11-14)

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Middle School Clinics 


7 week Sessions

5:1 Student to Pro Ratio

(4) Make-up Classes / Season*

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More Information:

Junior Clinics at DVTA build the foundation of a child’s athletic development, focusing first on movement, tracking skills, eye/hand coordination and technique in a fun and positive environment. Players are then introduced to more drills which target strategy and intensity. As the level of the student increases drills become more competitive. Tennis FITT classes are offered to tournament players where Elite Training staff enhance on-court efforts and injury prevention. For more information about our programs please email our Tennis Director Jack Conrad info@dvta.com

If you want to sign up online, a parent must set up a profile, or have DVTA do it, for oneself and for the children involved. Please inform the office desk@dvta.com what level your child or children are so they can be properly placed and one can sign up on line: https://dvta.clubautomation.com/calendar/programs