Winter Advanced


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Fitness Component:
This program will offer a comprehensive fitness component which will be tailored to the needs of our students and will help them achieve their tennis goals on the court.  This program will be set up so that the players will be peaking at the most opportune moments and will be achieved by using the most scientific based training methods in the field today. 
The fitness component will be broken down into a pre-hab phase, a pre-competition phase and a competition phase.  These phases will correlate directly with the players’ tournament schedule so that the two worlds of fitness and tennis can come together and will give the students the best chance to succeed both on and off the court.



Amy Haller

Amy Haller

Sports Psychology:
 The next component of our program will be access to our sports psychologist Amy Haller.  She will be offering classroom experiences in our lobby once a month for our students and parents to attend and answer questions.  She will also be available for an additional fee as requested by the individual.


Strategy Sessions Classroom Experience:
 This session will be held by our pro’s who will go over video and review different types of playing styles and how to beat those style of players.  This will provide the students with a better background in the game of tennis and will help them in tournaments by providing them with the tools to identify which type of opponent they may be playing and by having a pre-determined game plan before they play the first point on court.


Jessica Pellicciotta

Jessica Pellicciotta

Sports Nutrition:
 This will be provided by our sports nutritionist, Jessica Pellicciotta.  This also will be a classroom component which will be held once a month or every other month  for both parents and students to attend.  During these class room experiences, we are looking to create a family/team atmosphere by educating all who are involved with their child’s journey to become a successful tennis player.


Tennis Tournament Planning:
 This will be done by both directors David Blumeris and Kristopher Shumway.  The Directors will provide a year-long tournament schedule which allow them to monitor the results and help each player achieve their goals.


Flip Camera Program:
 When the coaches are not able to come to the matches we will also be offering the use of our DVTA Flip Cameras which you can sign-out and take to the matches and record the students match and return to their coaches so we can better offer advice in their lessons.


DVTA Junior MSTA Rankings 2012

Holden Smith  #16 MS B12

Navid Eghbali #42 MS B 12s

William McDevitt #16 MS B14

Michael Dickson #17 MS B14

Will Frigerio #30 MS B14

Noele Eghbali #59 MS G14s

Camille Smukler #88 MS G14

Drew Clark #82 MS B14

Britt Lovett #81 G16s

Nathan Kidambi #30 MS B16

Nate Frank #68 MS B16